3 Ways To Increase AdSense Revenue

Increase AdSense Revenue

AdSense is one of the fastest methods to monetize a blog and generate revenue. But publishers often get disappointed due to RPM in the AdSense, if you want to increase your AdSense revenue you need to understand the art of Internet advertising.

Advertisers understand your audiences by leveraging the targeting and analytics of the ad platforms such as Google AdSense. The targeting and tracking help the ad platform to serve engaging ads to the reader.

Let’s take an example: If you visit Amazon.com and check a few smartphones, the site will put a cookie on your smartphone or computer that contains a unique ID, Amazon uses this ID to keep track of your session so that the site knows which shopping card is yours and what you’ve looked at so it can suggest stuff like smartphone cases or an iPhone when you browse online.

So, how this will help us in increasing AdSense revenue we will explore this later in the article.

1. Grow The Value of Your Ad Inventory

Now if you are new to online marketing you might be thinking what the hell is ad inventory? In simple words, the total amount of space a publisher has available for advertisements at any given time.

Grow The Value of Your Ad Inventory

In the above image, you can see all kinds of ad sizes that you can place on a web page the more option you provide means more advertisers are willing to bid on your site it can improve your page RPM quickly but keep in mind that you should not put more than 5 ads on pages with short content it will impact you bounce rate and make the page less engaging also it will violate the Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

2. Write More Valuable Content

One of the most important things in increasing AdSense revenue is valuable content. Let me explain what I mean by it.

If you are writing about how to create a reel on Instagram you can increase your traffic drastically but the RPM will be still low. Think who is advertising on the keyword Instagram itself and a few video editing tools where competition is very low and so is RPM.

Here is what you need to do look for the topics where people and advertisers are willing to spend more money.

You need to focus on transactional keywords or keyword phrases, customers use to find the services or products like the best laptop for $500 or how to soundproof an existing office space.

A laptop is an expensive gadget and there are many laptop manufacturers who are willing to get new customers so they will bid higher amounts to place ads on your site this will increase your ad revenue.

3. Optimize Ad Size

If you have a good amount of traffic now it’s time to optimize your ads to increase your ad revenue. 1st you need to Identify your audience’s location and interest.

To open the Demographics and Interests reports:

  • Sign in to Google Analytics.
  • Navigate to your view.
  • Open Reports.
  • Select Audience > Demographics or Audience > Interests.

This way you will find the audience demographics now it’s time to find the best ad size to target your readers. In my testing 300×250 works like a charm for users from all over the world. I found that most premium brands are using this ad size to place ads. It generates more revenue and does not impact user experience.

My Ad Placements that you can implement.

  1. Header – 728×90
  2. Under 2nd paragraph – 300×250
  3. Under 4th paragraph – 300×250
  4. Under 6th paragraph – 336×280
  5. Under 8nd paragraph – 250×250
  6. Sidebar – 300×600
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