Google Adsense Highest CPC Keywords List 2020

Google Adsense Highest CPC Keywords List 2020 | There was a time when I use to search for best high paying Google Adsense CPC keywords.

I thought why not share with you guys so let me welcome you here, in this article where I have will list the world’s most expansive keywords, it will help you to earn more than $100 per day from Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense! – High CPC Keywords

Adsense is a product of Google, It is the best and easiest way for webmasters or bloggers to start making money with their sites.

After you add an ad code provided by Google in your website, the Adsense spiders will crawl your site to see what all your pages are about and display ads accordingly.

What is CPC! – High CPC Keywords

CPC is the short form for “Cost Per Click,” and is used in online marketing/advertising and blogging. CPC defines how much revenue a webmaster or blogger receives each time a user clicks an advertisement on his/her website.

For example, a publisher may place image-based or text ads on his website. When a visitor clicks one of the advertisements, he/she is redirected to the advertiser’s website.

Each click is recorded by the advertiser’s tracking system developed by Google and the blogger/publisher is paid a certain amount based on the CPC.

What Is a Keyword! – High CPC Keywords

A keyword is a short phrase or a word describing the topic of a blog post/article. In practice, a keyword is the search query that you type into Google or other search engines before hitting enter and seeing what it pulls up.

What are the Highest CPC Keywords – High CPC Keywords

As we have discussed what is the keyword and what is CPC so you must have got an idea about what is high CPC keywords and how this can increase over earning with Google AdSense.

Adsense Highest CPC Keywords of 2020 – High CPC Keywords

1Search Engine Optimization Example$10.06
2Hosting Consultant$11
3Software Services$11
4WordPress Website Design$12
5Online Christmas Cards$14
6Best Social Media Platforms$15
7Business Management Software$15
8Custom WordPress Theme Designer$17
9WordPress Designer$17.50
10Seo Company$17.80
11Best Seo Company$18.50
12Seo Services$19
13New Social Media Platforms$20
14Best Social Media Platforms For Business$20.50
15Seo Companies$20.80
16Php Programmers$21
17Computer Science Classes Online$23.40
18Bankruptcy Lawyer$23.50
19Hire Php Programmer$27
20Php Programmers For Hire$27.80
21Service Business Software$28
22Criminal Defense Lawyer$29
23Criminal Lawyer$30
24Dwi Lawyer$38
25Hire Php Programmers$40
26Hire Php Developer$46
27Dui Lawyer$47
28Automobile Shipping Quote$50
29Automobile Insurance Quote$50.40
30Live Casino$50.50
31Business VoIP Solutions$51
32Forex Trading Platform$53
33Insurance Companies$54
34Car Insurance Companies$58.66
35Online Criminal Justice Degree$60.40
36Personal Injury Law Firm$60.56
37Car Accident Lawyers$75.17
38Auto Accident Attorney$75.64
39Automobile Accident Attorney$76.57
40Online Stock Trading$80
41Virtual Data Rooms$83.18
42Make Money Online Australia85$
43Car Donate$88.26
44Mobile Casino$90
45Mortgage Adviser$91.29
46Futuristic Architecture$91.44
47Better Conferencing Calls$91.44
49Register Free Domains$92.03
50Cheap Car Insurance In Virginia$92.03
51Cheap Car Insurance For Ladies$92.23
52Webex Costs$92.38
53Email Bulk Service$92.55
54Car Insurance In South Dakota$92.72
55Royalty-Free Images Stock$92.76
56Car Insurance Quotes Pa$92.88
58PhD In Counseling Education$92.99
59Donating Used Cars To Charity$93.17
60Home Phone Internet Bundle$93.32
61Forensics Online Course$93.51
62Met Auto$93.70
63Cheap Auto Insurance In Va$93.84
64Donate Your Car For Money$94.01
65Car Insurance Quotes Mn$94.29
66Dallas Mesothelioma Attorneys$94.33
67Low Credit Line Credit Cards$94.49
68Donate Old Cars To Charity$94.55
69Psychic For Free$94.61
70Massage School Dallas Texas$94.90
71World Trade Center Footage$95.02
72Online classes$95.06
73Paperport Promotional Code$95.13
74Online Colleges$95.65
75Online Motor Insurance Quotes$95.73
76Holland Michigan College$95.74
77Life Insurance Co Lincoln$97.07
78Car Insurance Quotes Utah$97.92
79Best Criminal Lawyer In Arizona$97.93
80Criminal Defense Attorneys Florida$98.07
81Donate Cars Illinois$98.13
82Donating A Car In Maryland$98.20
83Cheap Domain Registration Hosting$98.39
84Motor Replacements$98.43
85Donate A Car In Maryland$98.51
86Hard drive Data Recovery Services$98.59
87Dayton Freight Lines$99.39
88Nunavut Culture$99.52
89Dedicated Hosting$100.23
90Annuity Settlement$100.72
91Structured Annuity Settlement$100.80
92Car Insurance Quotes Colorado$100.93
93Asbestos Lawyer$105.84
94Donate Your Car For Kids$106.01
95Sell Annuity Payment$107.46
96How To Donate A Car In California$111.21
97Donate Your Car Sacramento$118.20
98Donate Cars In Ma$125.58
99Donate Car For Tax Credit$126.65
100Donate Car To Charity California$130.25
101Mesothelioma Law Firm$179.01

How to increase adsense cpc 2020

so finally I have shared my own high CPC keyword list that will help you to increase your AdSense CPC and it will boost your overall earnings.

I hope with this article I helped you to find the best Google Adsense Highest CPC Keywords.

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