How to Choose Professional & Good Email Names (2020)

If you are new to the online world thanks to jio then you need an email address.

The first time I registered an email address was in 2008 with when I was new I entered my name as the email ID but sadly it wasn’t available.

It is very hard to find a good email address especially if your name is very common.

Today I am going to share how how you can select professional or good email names for your business and personal use.

Email addresses are very important when you are using it to send business proposal or sending resume for the job.

Whenever we are creating an email address then we have to make sure that we are making it right so it sounds well as well as professional to.

Well creating email address we have to make sure that it is easy to pronounce and remember the girls at the end of the day we are going to utilise this on Facebook Twitter Instagram or other social media handles.

Choosing a professional & good email names for personal use

Now, let’s see how you can select an amazing email name by following simple rules that I follow for my emails.

If you are going to use this email address for personal use then there might not be any requirement for a custom email address like as this is not necessary for personal use.

You can use services like

these email services are absolutely free e for personal use and you can make email id like, or

sounds good, right! 😃


Now, how to choose the perfect names for that you have to follow my rules while creating an email id.

The Golden rules for creating good email names

Here are rules please follow it step by step,

1. Include your first name (Important)

Yes, please try to include your first name in email for an example But, if your name is too common then there are high chances that your name is already taken by someone to fix that follow rule 2.

2. Use Surname in your Email ID

If you failed to implement rule 1 then consider adding your surname as well in your email ID but if you are from India then there are chances you may change your surname in future

So before doing this make sure you think at least 10 years later when you are creating new email ID.

3. Use Dot in your Email Address (It’s Optional)

There are chances that rule 1 and 2 you could not work if your name is too common dot can help you create beautiful yet attractive email ids.

For example: or

and believe me, still there are high chances for some people who’s email ID is already taken in that case follow the rule 4.

4. Try Different Variation of First Name + Last Name

Now I’m pretty much sure that this method will work for everyone for sure, try different variation of your name in your email ID.



Now you are creating an email id by following the rule 4 while trying different variation please try to follow rule number 5.

5. Keep This In Mind

  • Avoid Shortcuts
  • Avoid Nicknames
  • Try to exclude Numbers or try not to use numbers
  • Make it easy to pronounce
  • Don’t use date of birth
  • Avoid Religion Name

By following the rule 5 you will make your email address easy to pronounce also so super professional believe me. 😎

If you follow all the five rules while creating an email id then I Osho you you will be having a professional email address for your personal use.

6. Add Your Job Title or Function

This is 2020 where thousands of new internet users joins the internet army and they create their own email address so it is very hard to come up with the combination that is not used on Outlook, Yahoo or Gmail.

other method of creating a good email name is to add your work title in your ID to differentiate from others.

Here are few examples by following the rules:


You should not follow this method until or unless you got failed in previous rules.

7. Location – For Local Business

if your business focus unhen specific region, city, state or country you can add it to your email address to give you more options this is ideal for local business especially for only who serves to a single City or a town.

Examples of this method:


once again this method should only be used if you did not find other options work for you. This is an awesome method to differentiate yourself from others with the same name but does not make your email address longer than we prefer.

8. Don’t forget other domain names of Microsoft

Google lets you create a free Gmail account which is limited to to, but Microsoft has a few different domains as well so you can check them out for your perfect email I have listed few Microsoft domain mails.


these option will give you you a better chance of being able to use your name without any e descriptors attached in your email address, please keep in mind that these domain names are not as well known as business email addresses so if you can use Gmail or Outlook that’s the preference.

9. Request to the owner

you might be surprised that thousands of email addresses are no longer thing used by the owners in some cases the owner doesn’t care if they keep this email.

there are few moments when getting a perfect name for your email is as simple as asking for it.

you should try sending a short get attractive email to the email address you would like to acquire. Ask ask the owner if they are still using it, aur willing to transfer it for you you at very low price.

there are chances you may get reply as “No” but sometimes sending these emails will give you the perfect email address for your business needs.

Should be your last option because it is the last likely to work for everyone in the world.

Choosing a professional or good email names for business use

if you are planning to create an email for your business then you should try why some of the methods that I personally follow to create amazing email ids for my clients.

whenever you are creating an email name for your business all for your client then I ask you made that you have a a domain name for your business (Example:

Now you should create a custom email address for your business and if you don’t know how to create a custom email address then watch the video below.

Now, You know that how to create custom email address for your business, let me reveal my methods to select good names for your business use in your email address.

Here are my methods for selecting a custom email address

Keep in mind that we are creating this for business purpose so it should look and sounds professional.

  1. Consider using different emails for different Teams

First of all you will create an an email address for your team like:


once you have selected the email addresses for your team, after creating distribute to your team for email management.

2. Always use personal names for any person

for specific person like if Sandeep is so show off your company then you can create an email for Sandeep like: or

I hope you understood my point that for any person in your team you can create a specific email address for them.

3. Use specific designation in email address for special person

n order to create good email address for your business you have to create emails for special person like Manager, CEO etc.




Now now I hope you have understand how to choose amazing good female names for your business and personal use.


At the end of the day I can say that creating email names is very very important for your business as well as your personal life.

You have learnt my secret methods that how you can create amazing good email names for your personal email address as well as for your business.

If my methods help you out to create awesome emails then consider sharing this with your family or friends, this is me Devendra Gupta signing off.

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