7 Best Textsheet Alternative 2020

By | May 20, 2020

Textsheet Alternative – As we all know that Textsheet.com was a best-rated online educational website that was operated by the students for students, that used to offer all the leading answers & solutions for school or college projects it could be homework or assignments requested by the students.

Mainly, Textsheet was the website used as the referral of the homework solution submitted by the students. Sadly, Textsheet has been taken down, have been changed a lot due to the legal actions ( DMCA NOTICE FROM CHEGG ) and that is just a piece of bad news for a lot of college and school students, which made students explore more available relevant websites like Textsheet, which are available on the internet.

Top 7 Textsheet Alternative

 SL. No. Textsheet Alternatives Link
 1. Sladder  Click Here
 2. Studtlib  Click Here
 3. Chegg  Click Here
 4. Course Hero  Click Here
 5. Paperhelp  Click Here
 6. SparkNotes  Click Here
 7. Crazyforstudy  Click Here

Textsheet not working? Here’s Why

Unfortunately, because of a DMCA notice from Chegg, it’s no longer available and this is just devasting news for many students.

Textsheet Alternatives

Just to make your life easier I have found some pretty good alternatives for Textsheet.


Slader Textsheet Alternative

Slader is very more popular among US College and School students. Right here, you’ll find step-by-step solutions for your homework or assignments and all query and answer across 1000’s of textbooks for various subjects with full clarifications. It’s regularly enhancing the quality of content material daily and increasing college-level solutions products to assist college students using the most effective method.

Slader is an independent website backed by millions of students and tutors who contribute and submit papers from all around the world.
Slader offers a textbook answer for multiple subjects and differential equations Slader.


  • Calculus
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Precalculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Algebra 2
  • Integrated Math
  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • College Algebra
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Middle School Math


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Science
  • Earth Science
  • Physiology
  • Anatomy


  • Spanish
  • US History
  • World History
  • European History
  • Economics

The Slader is entirely free to use. However, you can find some ads on it. Additionally, you can buy a subscription at only $1.99 to remove the advertisements.


Textsheet Alternative

Studlib is another one of the textbook alternatives. It does offer a large number of solved assignments and homework solutions but you might feel it is less organized compared to Slader.

Nonetheless, it is a great source to find answers to your homework. You can also share your notes if you want to help your fellow students.
Although, it’s a great medium or source to get your answer to your assignment and homework. here you can easily share your notes with your needy friends.
This site allows you to answer all kinds of subjects like Foreign Language, Math, Science, Social Science, Business, Engineering & Technology, Arts & Humanities, History, Miscellaneous.

Studylib has the biggest community-driven academic library from where you’ll be able to learn, print, and download thousands and thousands of worksheets, labs, lesson plans, and other study materials without any cost. You’ll be able to explore trending documents from totally different categories and subjects and also upload your own. Creating personalized collections of flashcards by inserting pictures & audio and sharing them with buddies is just fun with Studylib.

For having full access to the documents and different services, you’ve to register an account that would be completely free. Along with the features mentioned above, Studylib additionally provides a tool for grammar and spell checker, which you can use for honing your skills.


Textsheet Alternative
Textsheet Alternative

Chegg is an American education technology company that has taken down Textsheet entirely from the web through legal actions. Chegg is likely one of the best sources for college and school students; alongside finding step-by-step textbook solutions, you may also prepare for competitive exams with specialists available 24/7 on your assist.

It also permits, renting or shopping for books and e-books with a considerable discount of as much as 90%. Furthermore, in case you have any old textbooks that aren’t of your use anymore, you’ll be able even to sell them on Chegg and earn some money. Enter the ISBN of the book, and you’ll have the instant quote right on your display screen.
Though there is only a little problem for some students that it’s not free neither very cheap.

You need to have a monthly membership. if you looking for answers for only one assignment or subject or need to use it only for a day or two you have to pay for a full month.


Chegg study membership starts from $14.95 per month. You can also use a trial version of an online tutoring service for 30 minutes for free.

Chegg Study account at $14.95/month covers:

  1. Step-by-step textbook solutions for more than 22,000 ISBNs.
  2. Ask questions from experts and enthusiasts anytime.
  3. Search millions of homework answers.

Course Hero

Textsheet Alternative

Course Hero was based on sharing lectures, class notes, exams, and assignments that usually went ignored by students in the current year.
It is the best one from my thought, an alternative to Textsheet, and the best platform for students to study and download their study material.

It covers every broad subject starting from economics to literature, biology to history, accounting to psychology, and all the things in between. So in case you have an upcoming examination or viva, and you need to know where you stand from the preparation viewpoint, you’ll be able to practice problems for your preferred subject. Moreover, it also offers 24/7 Homework Assistance, where you get personalized coaching from the subject specialists.


Course Hero is a freemium service which means it offers limited free access if you upload your own study material, which can be anything from your hand-written notes, your old assignments, and even a copy of a page or 2 from your textbooks.
If you don’t have study material to submit or need more credits Course Hero’s annual plan costs $9.95 per month which is billed yearly or $39.95 for just a month.

Premium plans also let you ask questions or seek help directly from tutors online.

  • Course Hero has its Android App where you can:
  • Study at your time and earn better grades.
  • Discover more than 25+ million courses.
  • It provides 24/7 help, gets high-quality homework help.
  • you can read later, and you can save your study material.
  • you can easily access to resources.
  • you can get notifications for new class resources.


Textsheet Alternative

PaperHelp is a distinctive alternative to Textsheet available now. It’s serving to students to finish the new challenging assignments since 2008. Peperhelp has made a lot of student’s lives comfier who’s all the time in a drastic need to study and to write research papers.

Paperhelp will aid you in writing down your analysis paper regardless of you might be in Highschool, Faculty, or finding out Ph.D. The Paperhelp additionally values Privateness and element of yours, will probably be confidential and won’t be disclosed to others.

They also have mobile apps for both IOS and Android where you can submit your assignment requirements, track the progress, and chat with support if you need to on the go.

It is beneficial for writing research papers. PaperHelp is the place where you have the solutions to your all academic needs.

Here, you can get your All ordered Research Papers at your home means it gets delivered at your doorsteps.


Textsheet Alternative

It is another alternative to Textsheet available in the current year, and It is the most helpful study guides around almost all subjects and more. You can find sample tests, essay help, and translations of Shakespeare.

Compare to the textbooks that sometimes don’t make any sense, these class notes include thorough summaries that make the learning and understanding of the subject considerably simple for the students. Moreover, for the popular subjects, you’ll be able to test your retention by taking quick quizzes.

SparkNotes app is available on both the current platform Google Play Stores and Apple app store.


And there’s more:

  1. No Ads!
  2. You can get full access to the Go.
  3. You can Customize your text size and try the new Dark mode.
  4. Here you can Quiz yourself.

Overall, SparkNotes, as a web-based resource, is more appropriate for finding literature study guides and full-textual content of all of the plays of No Fear Shakespeare. You possibly can download the SparkNotes app from Google Play Store or App Store.


Textsheet Alternative

Yet another best alternative to textsheet, which is the best selection for the students, and it is another addition to the list that you should consider using in your life as a student.

Crazyforstudy is fulfilling the needs of students from every way that textsheet did the cover to make life easier for students. I like this site because of the interactive user interface and the services they are providing to the students.

Moreover, this site is a complete dedication for students who are seeking help in their daily life from doing homework to completing their assignments, etc.

As this site is prevalent in Australia only, college and school students residing there can even discover the books prescribed and followed by their respective institutions by selecting up the college name. This way, it becomes dead straightforward to dig out the answer manuals even for the rare-to-find textbooks. So in case you are studying in Australia, search for none other than CrazyForStudy because it’s going to change your educational game for sure.


Slander and Studlib are amazing and free textsheet alternatives. Chegg is also where you can expect to find most solutions or at least “experts” as they claim if your question is not already answered.

So, that was our eight best Textsheet alternatives. As a DMCA complaint by Chegg, the Textsheet is not working anymore, and there is no way available to access it. Select the best alternative for yourself from the list, and lest us know which one you like the most in the comments below. Share this with your friends and check out our other posts on Devendergupta.com for the latest Best Of’s and tech content.

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